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Breathing Meditation

Soma Online Program

Fully Awakening The Body's Wisdom

A live online course for those looking to experience and share healing, vitality and growth through a science-based somatic approach.

 “The Soma course gave me a new sense of purpose. It taught me that living is enough to feel complete and whole when we align our lifestyle with our natural personality."


You Will Learn

- To understand your personality and how to engage in self-care

- The new science of body awareness or interoception

- Six somatic practices to achieve Soma

- The neurobiology and evolution of the body, life-energy, and consciousness

- How to heal trauma and become free of guilt and the fear of death

- Connecting to the earth and nature through  universal energy

- Becoming a Soma facilitator to help and heal others.

Unblock life energy to awaken the body’s intelligence.

This course includes 8 live online class sessions, one-on-one mentoring sessions with Jivasu and other teachers, somatic practices, small group sessions, home study with recorded videos, helpful downloaded handouts and resources for personal practice.

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