Jivasu’s teachings are called “Somatofulness” which explores the path of the body for maximum living and fulfilment. Jivasu feels that the path of the body is the most direct and simple way for healing, attaining emotional and mental health, experiencing the fullness of life and living in synergy with nature.

Jivasu directly experienced full body awakening. Somatofulness emerged from that experience. It can be called “Enlightenment of the Body”.

Jivasu is an Indian physician who is living in Canada. Along with his wife Karen, a Canadian doctor, he served in the remote villages of the Indian Himalayas for 11 years. Later he studied acupuncture in Sri Lanka and Canada and integrative medicine at Harvard Medical School.

He teaches Somatofulness and Integrative medicine all around the world.

He is the author of Somatofulness: Return to the body and Meditation: The Experience of Relaxation, Awareness, and Expansion of Awareness.