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The Soma Approach

A body-based approach to attaining complete health and self-realization.

Soma – A body-based approach to reach our peak potential

Soma, in Greek, means body; in Sanskrit, it stands for the elixir of life. Soma is to find the elixir of life in our bodies.

The body is the confluence of three cosmic forces: matter, energy, and consciousness.  Aligning with these forces through somatic practices and personality leads to complete health and transformation. Reconnected with the universe, we live in love, well-being, and vitality and become free from fear, guilt, and trauma.

On the path of Soma, the body’s wisdom is our guide and guru. It helps us in our daily lives and takes us to our peak potential, which is inherent in us. 



Transformation is removing the barriers of five traumas that prevent us from living in our somatic self and realizing our oneness with all living and non-living beings.

We attain our goal through

- Five somatic practices

- Understanding our somatic personality for complete self-care.

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Why Soma?

1. Complete health

Complete health does not mean the absence of illness. It means that despite physical or mental health problems that we may have, we have a sense of well-being and have a high quality of life.


2. Self-realization

Self-realization means realizing the  unique potential, the innate nature that each of us is born with. It is fully discovering and expressing that which is uniquely you. It is fully realizing our body's wisdom.

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The Soma Parenting

The responsibility of education lies with the parents and guardians. A significant part of a child's personality is laid down before the age of eight years. This means most of a child's education is completed before serious schooling begins. How can we ensure that we raise happy, healthy, body-wise children?

Visit our Youtube channel to access our Soma Child Parenting Series

"The source of life-energy is not in our emotions or thoughts. It is in the body. "

Jivasu, MD

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