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The Somatofulness Approach

A body-based approach to attaining complete health and self-realization.

Awakening the Wisdom of the Body

All emotional and mental health problems ranging from anxiety to psychosis, in one way or another, are due to the poor connection with the body.

The term Somatofulness  was coined by Jivasu to emphasize the primacy of the body in daily life and how the body can be fully awakened. 

Soma is also the Sanskrit word for 'essence of life'. The body and brain contains this essence of life. They secrete a wide variety of neurohormones and transmitters, which can give us the experience of bliss and glimpses of immortality.

The source of life-energy is not in our emotions or thoughts. It is in the body. Without the full functioning of the body, our full life energy is not accessible and thus a full and complete life is not possible.

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Couple in Nature

The Two Goals of Somatofulness

The two goals of the Somatofulness approach are:

1) Complete health (not perfect health)

Complete health does not mean the absence of illness. It means that despite physical or mental health problems that we may have, we have a sense of well-being and have a high quality of life.

2) Self-realization

Self-realization means realizing the  unique potential, the innate nature that each of us is born with. It is fully discovering and expressing that which is uniquely you. It is fully realizing our body's wisdom.

"The source of life-energy is not in our emotions or thoughts. It is in the body. "

Jivasu, MD

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