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The Somatofulness Approach

A body-based approach to attaining complete health and self-realization.

Awakening the Wisdom of the Body

Soma in Greek means body; in Sanskrit, it stands for the elixir of life. Soma is awakening the body’s wisdom to attain complete health and self-realization. 


In Soma teachings body is the temple to be cared for meticulously. The feelings in the body are the guru, which along with reason, guide us to explore the outer world and world within to realize and express our full potential. The life energy which flows within the body connects us to all living and non-living beings. Our somatic personality is the most beautiful book to study to understand ourselves and others. As a result, we experience the sacredness of life and become free from fear, trauma, and guilt to live in peace, vitality, and happiness. 


 Our goal is achieved through the following tools:

 1. Six somatic practices

2. Understanding our somatic personality and planning a self-care aligned with it. 

Wellness Coach
Couple in Nature

The Two Goals of Somatofulness

The two goals of the Somatofulness approach are:

1) Complete health (not perfect health)

Complete health does not mean the absence of illness. It means that despite physical or mental health problems that we may have, we have a sense of well-being and have a high quality of life.

2) Self-realization

Self-realization means realizing the  unique potential, the innate nature that each of us is born with. It is fully discovering and expressing that which is uniquely you. It is fully realizing our body's wisdom.

"The source of life-energy is not in our emotions or thoughts. It is in the body. "

Jivasu, MD

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