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Somatic Music Program

Introduction to a Musical Journey for Health and Wellbeing

A live online course for those looking to incorporate music into a journey for transformative self-care and deepening somatic awareness.

"In this age of too much information, (the) somatic approach cuts through the labyrinth of religious and spiritual philosophy and puts the focus directly on the body...I highly recommend." -- Brent Kosterewa

Group on Drums

You Will Learn

You will experience music by listening, playing, interpreting, and moving to different sounds.


Each lesson will be taught by a team of musicians from around the world, skilled in both music performance and facilitating musical activities


No instruments are required for this program; we’ll provide you with many suggestions on how to participate with things you have on hand in your home.


All we ask you to have a notebook or journal, and a willingness to explore what music has to offer for your body, mind, and soul.

Deepen Your Somatic Awareness Through Music.

This program consists of eight, 1.5 hour group sessions, offered in a virtual setting.

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