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How Spiritual Practices Can Change Our Brain and Body

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

It took billions of years for the human brain to evolve. Slowly, through trial-and-error, nature produced the most marvellous instrument of perception in the universe. Alive and flexible, it allows its owner to experience the world, both within and outside, consciously. The brain is not different from the body. It is the essential organ, and, in a way, it is spread throughout the body. Through the brain, the body manages its resources, survival, and experiences well-being.

Nature didn’t build the brain from external materials, as a sculptor would build from rock or wood. The brain was conceived by nature, within itself, and then slowly evolved. Therefore, the brain can reveal nature’s secrets and intelligence. It is sometimes referred to as the “three-pound universe”. If consciousness can tune into the brain in a certain way, the structure, function, and underlying interconnectedness of the earth and universe, materially and spiritually, will be revealed. It will also reveal the underlying interdependence and oneness of life and consciousness, which is the experience of liberation. Nature built the brain to experience itself, become aware of its potential, and express that potential in various ways.

Evolution is, essentially, the evolution of the brain and body, which vibrate at different frequencies at various stages of evolution. All possible levels of consciousness are already there, so consciousness itself does not evolve. Instead, the brain evolves and gains more and more access to the various levels of consciousness.

All creative and spiritual practices are about changing the structure and physiology of the brain to tune into a more conscious experience. We have the potential to become conscious of every evolutionary frequency of the brain, eventually arriving at a point where the frequency becomes almost infinite or zero. Here, we tune into a primal consciousness. This gives us the experience of timeless and spaceless existence.

In this process of evolution, there are no unpredictable leaps. We consider a “leap” the result of a slow buildup of evolutionary movement that reaches a critical threshold. This is when a new state of consciousness is perceived. Ultimately, there are no sharp boundaries between evolutionary stages; they simply overlap and merge together seamlessly.


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