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Somatofulness Introductory Course

Reconnecting to the body for healing and mental health.

A live online course for those looking to discover how to reconnect with the body and awaken their life energy.

"Somatofulness just makes sense. I loved attending the introductory program.  Both the practices and the education were enormously helpful to my wellbeing."    -- Julie C

Light and Shadow Portrait

You Will Learn

- Why and how are we disconnected from the body and its effects on our emotional and mental health

- How we can reconnect to the body and its energy for complete healing through Somatic awareness, Somatic poses, and Somatic meditations

- Introduction to Somatic personality

- Prepare a self-care plan for health and well-being

Unblock life energy to awaken the body’s intelligence.

8 sessions will include online talks, Q & A and guidance on practicing the powerful Somatic techniques to reach your goal. Course material will include a Somatofulness booklet and eight short videos.

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