Body-Wise Child Workshop Series

The foundation for a happy life is built in the body.

Live online introductory workshops for parents and caregivers looking to learn more about how a somatic approach can help raise happy, body-intelligent children.

Jivasu uses a scientific approach blended with Ayurvedic traditions to share his insights about child development. Jivasu’s knowledge and experience are used to help parents, grandparents, and caretakers raise happy and uniquely creative children in a fast-changing and turbulent world.

You Will Learn

- Revolutionary parenting strategies that foster a lifelong, healthy connection with the body 

- How to set the foundation for emotionally secure, grounded, and happy children

- Understand your child’s unique personality

- To create a space that allows them to express their full creative potential in the world.

  • Raising a Happy and Body-intelligent Child (Conception to 2 years)

    Starts Jun 26

    20 Canadian dollars
  • Raising a Happy, Body-intelligent Child (ages 2-8)

    Starts Jul 24

    20 Canadian dollars
  • Raising a Happy and Body-intelligent Child (ages 8+ years)

    Starts Aug 21

    20 Canadian dollars
  • Raising a Happy and Body-Intelligent Child in a Turbulent World

    Starts Jun 26

    50 Canadian dollars

About Jivasu MD

Jivasu has an MD in paediatrics and has studied mind-body medicine at Harvard University. He describes his Somatofulness approach as the full awakening of the body, leading to peak functioning of the body and the experience of being fully alive.