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Mira Rostami

Lead Facilitator/Teacher

Mira has been Facilitating Naturality meditation for over 12 years after studying the Naturality approach under Jivasu. Mira’s meditation courses were born out of her intense desire to create a space where people can explore their own authenticity and integrate a meditative way of being into their everyday lives. Once the flame is ignited, the transformation happens on its own, naturally and organically, and according to the person’s unique individuality.

Mira’s skills as a high school science teacher for 20 years allowed her to demystify Meditation. She is able to take it out of its abstract form and turn it into something understandable by connecting ancient teachings to everyone’s experiences of body and brain. Mira uses science as a common language between all belief systems and traditions to unite and build a safe community for the flowering of our authenticity and individual self.

Mira believes meditation is a biological process in which we change our brain by creating a new pattern. Meditation acts as a GPS for our authenticity or own natural way of being. It acts as the points of entry back to our body and true nature. The meditative path is a gift that lets us look at our true nature with self-love and compassion. It allows the version of ourselves that is completely aligned with our true nature to emerge.

In Mira’s teachings, meditation is a means of understanding our own thought processes and how to go beyond them. It is the glue that puts together our fragmented self into wholeness, authenticity, harmony, and oneness with everything in life.

Mira Rostami
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