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Elizabeth Fernandez


Elizabeth is a natural listener & interpreter.

Born in Paris, France, from Spanish immigrant parents, she’s always had a passion for understanding the non-verbally stated & passing on information from one body, language & cultural background to another.

Around 13 she discovered herself a passion for opera singing, which she has since then learnt, practiced, relentlessly researched, and naturally shared & taught.

Besides her teaching & singing activities, she’s a professional translator and now serves as an interpreter for health practitioners & teachers with a strong neuroplasticity angle that inspires her, such as Deb Dana on polyvagal theory in therapy or Dr. Jivasu on Meditation & Somatofulness.

Passionate about ancestral holistic healing practices, she trained as a Su Jok & Qi Nei Zang practitioner, opened herself to Shiatsu & Russian Massage (through Systema Martial Art), and recently to Meditation & Somatofulness with Jivasu & Kim Lan Toffin.

Strongest belief: everybody can sing if the body is properly listened to & taken care of.
Favourite Quote: you’re never immune to a good surprise.

Elizabeth Fernandez
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