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The Soma Child (Jan 2023)

A Somatic Approach To Raising Happy, Wholesome and Grounded Children

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Service Description

Rooting in the body is essential for good physical and mental health. Learn how to help your child form a healthy identity to connect and communicate to the family, friends, and teachers with calmness, confidence, care, and curiosity through Jivasu's 4 key pillars. Join Jivasu, MD, paediatrician, and founder of the Somatofulness approach, to learn revolutionary parenting strategies that foster a lifelong, healthy connection with the body, leading to emotionally secure, grounded, and happy children. Learn how to understand your child’s unique personality and create a space that allows them to express their full creative potential in the world. YOU WILL LEARN - Jivasu’s evidence-based three key actions and four principles of raising a happy child. - How to prevent and heal the five types of trauma in children - Simple strategies and practical techniques based on cutting-edge brain and life sciences research to help your baby grow into a wholesome child and adult (conception to 18 years) - The science of interoception, a new branch of neurobiology that helps a child remain connected and grounded in the body. - How to take care of yourself and increase your own wellbeing in order to show up for your child in the way you would like In addition to his MD in paediatrics, Jivasu has studied mind-body medicine at Harvard University. He describes his Somatofulness approach as the full awakening of the body, leading to the experience of being fully alive and peak functioning of the body. Despite his training in paediatrics, Jivasu feels that a true understanding of the whole child came after raising his children during his years as a stay-at-home father and now as a devoted grandfather. Jivasu uses a scientific approach blended with Ayurvedic traditions to share his insights about child development. Jivasu’s knowledge and experience are used to help parents, grandparents, and caretakers raise happy and uniquely creative children in a fast-changing and turbulent world. He feels that these children will be the change-makers of the future and create a better world for all. Our mission at is to help people attain complete health and self-realization. All of our offerings are free of charge with a voluntary contribution. Proceeds go to covering the costs of programs and any profit goes to charity. Sunday - Jan. 22, 29 - Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26 - March 5, 12

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