Return to The Body

with Jivasu, MD

Somatofulness is to return to the body and reconnect with our life energy.

The word Somatic comes from the Greek word Soma, which means 'body'. In Sanskrit it means 'essence of life'. 

We are born with a body full of life energy. But over time, we are disconnected from it . As a result, we suffer.


Somatofulness is the process of returning to the body and reconnect with our life energy. It is the most simple and direct path to healing. It is not a mystical or metaphysical process but natural and biological.

Heal Trauma

Attain Complete Emotional & Mental Health

Connect to the Earth & Universal Energy.

Experience the Fullness of Life

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Using body awareness, body-based somatic practices and through understanding our Somatic personality, Somatofulness programs connect us to our bodies and allow us to access our life energy.  Programs include online live interactive sessions, personal mentoring and home study through recorded videos and handouts.