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The Body's Wisdom

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Meet Jivasu MD

Jivasu has an MD in paediatrics, has studied mind-body medicine at Harvard University, is a trained acupuncturist and a renowned spiritual teacher. He describes his Somatofulness approach as the full awakening of the body, leading to the experience of being fully alive. 

Using body awareness, body-based somatic practices and through understanding our unique personality, Somatofulness programs connect us to our bodies and awaken our life energy. 

"The introductory and advanced Somatofulness courses are simply transformative."

- Rico

Somatofulness is a simple and direct path to enlightenment.

Liberate your body from past conditioning and trauma. Unblock life energy to awaken the body’s intelligence.

With our radical somatic approach, heal and regain physical vitality and mental health. Live to your peak potential with fulfilment.


Somatofulness means the discovery of the elixir of life in the body. It is a natural and biological process, not a metaphysical path.

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Heal Trauma

Attain Complete Emotional & Mental Health

Experience the Fullness of Life

Live in synergy with nature

"Jivasu and Somatofulness has enhanced my ability to experience and understand the profound wisdom of the Body - a significant gift more concisely and deeply."

- LM

"Somatofulness just makes sense. I loved attending the introductory program.  Both the practices and the education were enormously helpful to my wellbeing."

- Julie C.

 “The Somatofulness course gave me a new sense of purpose. It taught me that living is enough to feel complete and whole when we align our lifestyle with our natural personality."

- Krista

"In this age of too much information, (the) somatic approach cuts through the labyrinth of religious and spiritual philosophy and puts the focus directly on the body...I highly recommend."

- Brent Kosterewa

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'Somatofulness is the most simple and direct path to experience the fullness of life and truth. It is not metaphysical or mystical. It is natural and biological.'

Dr. Jivasu, MD

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