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Welcome to Soma देह मोक्ष

Awakening the body’s wisdom for
complete health and transformation.
Online courses and workshops.
Founded by Jivasu, MD.

Group Meditation

New! 100-Hour SOMA Meditation Teacher Training Program with Certification

In-Person and Online Options

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate transformation by awakening the body’s wisdom.

Soma is the path of body, the most simple and direct way to attain complete health and transformation. Based on science, it is natural and biological.

Upcoming Programs

All live programs are free of charge

(optional contribution)

Through somatic practices and understanding our unique somatic personality, Soma programs connect us to our bodies, and unblock our life energy leading to healing, health and fulfilment. We also offer self-paced and in-person programs. To view all programs, click on the button below.

Meet Jivasu MD

"The key to unlocking our potential is embedded in our biology."

Jivasu has an MD in paediatrics and has studied mind-body medicine at Harvard University. He is a trained acupuncturist and a renowned teacher of natural spirituality.