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Somatofulness (Soma)
देह मोक्ष

Awakening the body’s wisdom for complete health and self-realization

Online courses and workshops

Self-realization is a biological process perceived as spiritual experience. Liberation of the body and brain from the past leads to complete health, connecting us to universal energy and consciousness. 

Meet Jivasu MD
A teacher of the body

Jivasu has an MD in paediatrics and has studied mind-body medicine at Harvard University. He is a trained acupuncturist and a renowned spiritual teacher. He describes the Somatofulness approach as the full awakening of the body, leading to the experience of peak living and fulfilment. The key to unlocking our potential is embedded in our biology.

All programs are free of charge (optional contribution)

Using body awareness, body-based somatic practices and through understanding our unique personality, Somatofulness programs connect us to our bodies, awaken our life energy leading to healing and fulfilment.